Amazing Weight Loss

Weight loss can sometimes be a very frustrating thing. Most people have huge misconceptions about weight loss. People either think that losing weight is too hard, they are genetically incapable or just have totally misinformed ideas, making it impossible for them to find something that works to help them lose weight.

I wrote up this weight loss plan in the beginning of summer. I've been lifting weights for the past five years and am one of those people who just loves eating. I've been studying nutrition and weight loss for the last couple of years and came up with this diet in order to lose maximal weight in the form of bodyfat and to feel great about myself. I'm publishing it for free, because I want to help people lose weight and feel better about them selves.

I followed this program for losing weight from the beginning of May 2003, until the end of June, and in that time frame, went from a overweight 205 lbs to 176 lbs in roughly 6-8 weeks. Now, I won't guaruntee you will get that kind of results this fast, but I do guaruntee results. I also lifted weights four days a week, which helped in my exceptional results, but if you even excercise just a bit, you should be very pleased.

Below are a few pictures, of before and after the diet, of both myself and a client I trained.

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Amazing Weight Loss